In Southern California

Just a fast update.

The co-writer and director, David Thompson, is currently in Southern California shopping this project around.

Eric Mast will be traveling to Los Angeles first part of January.

Message either person via the contact page or thought the Furies page on Facebook if you are interested in networking.




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IMDB Furies (2014)

The title page for our short Proof of Concept is live on IMDB, and we have a show time for the short in New Orleans on Friday April 4th, part of the Big Easy International film and music festival.

Hopefully our followers down in the Big Easy will be able to catch the Furies during this festival!





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BigEasy Intl Film Festival

The Furies (Short) has been accepted into this year’s Big Easy International Film & Music Festival!

I’ll be adding screening info as it arrives.

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Another Director’s statement…

What it’s all about, in the end, is entertaining as many people as possible.

I’m speaking about Motion Pictures.  Not Film or Cinema.

A motion picture entertains a large number of people. To that end, it cannot be considered “Film”, unless it’s a rare project that transcends the restrictions of “Film” and generates mass appeal, such as “Midnight in Paris” or “The Artist”.

There is a mind-set in some areas, like Austin, that is “Lets’ get this done for as little as possible no matter what”.

Admirable.  More power to ya!

The problem I see is, there are thousands of low budget projects on the market.  I’ve done several myself.  Only a very few, very few, make it to the theaters, except outside a few special venues.

I’m too old for that and I have never, even in film school, bought into the “Tu es enim, propter” thing myself.

But..  even a movie like Cowboys & Aliens hit 3700+ theaters and entertain a lot of people.

I plan to make “Motion Pictures” or “Pictures”..  Then end result being to entertain as many people as possible. It’d be nice to maybe grab a few accolades along the way, but, in the end, it’s a product that is intended to entertain, period.

Making motion pictures is a long, grueling process.  As long as it’s understood that the end result is to entertain, then it usually progresses towards that end.

Problems arise when someone’s ego arises and that ego then decides to “make a statement” regarding the Picture.

To that end, I have hitched my wagon with people who’re like minded. I have unhitched from people who can’t think “big” or “outside the Indy” box.

I’ve been told I’m a sell-out.   Because I insist on being signatory to unions. Because I aim to create commercially viable Pictures.

Because “this ain’t art” it’s Motion Pictures.

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Director’s Statement

Subject to revision as my minds sees fit.

I’m David Thompson and The Furies will be my second feature motion picture project.  I have directed numerous shorts before this project and one ultra-low budget feature.

I look at this project as a Motion Picture.  It is NOT a film. The goal of The Furies is pure entertainment.  I’ll leave “films” to the passionate artist/film maker who has a serious theme to illustrate, the type of “serious” film that generates accolades but seldom yields a profit for anyone.  It’s a product and the consumer is the audience. The audience is watching and listening.

My intent is to make a Motion Picture for theatrical distribution.  Domestic and foreign.  This means it must have a sufficient budget to allow for named actors in key roles and for the time and talent necessary to make sure the final product, the Picture, is of a quality that any major distributor will take and put into thousands of theaters nationwide and worldwide.

You can’t produce and market an effects franchise type of Picture for pennies or nickles or dimes.

This Picture will follow certain formulas that many successful pictures in the past have followed. A flawed hero, action, adventure, special effects, chases and a hero who, in the end, gets the girl.

And what a girl!  An immortal goddess, a Fury. A living, breathing myth.

In his way is a demon from the Underworld, Tisiphone, the original Fury, born from the blood of Uranus.  A stunning and blood thirsty goddess, immortal, who must be defeated with guile and cunning, as no weapon could ever harm a Fury.

Part Thriller, part Action Adventure, all thrills and chills.

Thus, our budget is in the *Millions*, not hundreds of thousands. We *will* be signatory to SAG, IATSE, and probably DGA & Teamsters.

I was told by an actor’s agent that getting 12 mil for Furies “is a stretch”. To this agent, I say “Fuck you. AND the horse you rode in on.”

You can’t achieve greatness by thinking small.

We will have a large crew. Use sound stages,  work a 9 hour day, multiple takes, lock the fucking camera so there are no unwarranted camera movements, use a crane or jib as the shot requires, REHEARSAL of all actors for 2 weeks prior to production.

Yes, we’ll be shooting 35mm film.  Why, because foreign release companies want film. Yes, I know a RED will get me the same for less, but when we have 12 or 25 mil, why *not*?

That is all.

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Furies website

Up and running…


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