Synopsys: The Furies

The story of the Furies

The Furies are TISIPHONE, ALECTO, AND MEGAERA, sister goddesses who seek out those who’ve murdered family members and escaped detection.

The motion picture starts with a chase through the desert at sunset.  A biker, FALLOWS, is frantically running from Tisiphone.  It’s Tisiphone’s demonic custom motorcycle versus an old red chopper.  Fallows misses a curve and crashes in the desert.  

Fallows can’t crawl away fast enough from his brother-murdering past. Tisiphone dispatches him with an easy twist of his neck, allowing his brother’s ghost to finally rest in peace.

DAN LANAHAN is a small town cop who discovers a Fury in his midst when he must confront a wild-eyed man holding a toddler at knife point.  The man is MEGAERA’s target who managed to slip free of her grasp.  Megaera pursues him into a grocery store, and in a strange twist of fate, it turns out that Dan is the only mortal who can see Megaera, much to her dismay.

However, the next day, Dan’s niece, BRIANNA, is found murdered, tied to a tree in a sacrificial way with her eyes missing and mysterious carvings in her flesh. As Dan investigates, he’s followed by GAIA, who informs him the markings are the calling card of the most powerful demon in the Underworld: CHERNOBOG.

Suddenly immersed into the world of the FURIES, Dan must confront his atheism while he’s romantically involved with Megaera (It’s not *just* the Gods who have relationships with mortals). As he dives deeper into the Fury world, Dan comes face to face with mythical beings once believed to be just ‘folklore’.

However, there’s a catch: In order for an immortal to carry a mortal’s baby, Megaera must become a mortal herself, which leaves only TWO Furies to fight against an army of demons.

Using this to his advantage, Chernobog kidnaps Megaera, and then attacks and seriously wounds Gaia, Tisiphone and Alecto.  With Chernobog’s revolt against Hades fully underway, it falls on Dan’s shoulders to travel to the Underworld and rescue Megaera.

With the fate of the World, the lives of the Furies’ and his unborn child’s now in Dan’s hands, the atheist is now a classic hero. After his daring rescue succeeds, Megaera and Dan are offered the chance to flee to avoid complete obliteration. They are just about out of the driveway when Megaera has a change of heart.

She chooses to stay and fight! She uses her power to heal her sisters and Gaia. And then, in true Fury fashion, they ‘weapon-up’ and ride out to battle Chernobog’s demon army. The film ends with an epic set-piece: The Battle of the Demon Army.

The Furies are victorious. The last thing we see?

Chernobog’s decapitated head welcoming the rising sun.